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Purity: A Horn Clause Only library for Prolog

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A domain contains facts and rules about a particular type of knowledge. From Purity's point of view, a domain is a type of data, but custom domains can be created to contain any set of facts and rules. Several library calls in Purity have a domain as a paramter and this call will usually use the domain parameter to do comparisions.

The following domains come standard with the Purity library:

  • pbool - boolean operators of which can be true or false

  • pchar - A domain containing the following characters:

    • The character set [a-zA-Z0-9]
    • The digits [0-9]
    • The following symbols ;:",?/\<>,.!@#$%^&*()[]{}|-_+=
    • Whitespace characters <space>\n\r\t
  • pstring - Strings which are represented by a list of pchar characters. pstring is the equivilent of plist(pchar) when using comparisions, however there are a special set of APIs that start with pstr_ that only use the pstring domain.

  • plist(D) - Lists which can be of type D where D is a domain.

  • punary - Unary numbers (or natural numbers) using church encoding

    • zero = 0
    • c(zero) = 1
    • c(c(zero)) = 2
    • etc..